“Strength in Numbers” is an extreme sports film which explores the culture of mountain sports through the experience of world’s best riders. Anthil Films co-production with Red Bull Media House, created this adrenalitic piece that will change the way people perceive mountain biking.

Creators of “The Collective”, “Roam”, “Seasons” and “Follow Me” have traveled around the world to discover communities representing different sides of the sport – have made ​​filming in British Columbia, Nepal, Scotland, Austria, Switzerland and the USA (California, Utah and Whistler Mountain Bike Park).

Many competitors appear in the film, including the biggest names in the sport, like the winner of two World Cup downhill titles Andrew Shandro, gold medalist at the X Games Brandon Semenuk, Cam McCaul, world downhill champion Gee Atherton, Graham Agassiz, Matt Hunter, Rene Wildhaber, Thomas Vanderham and Wade Simmons.  “For me, it’s great for a rider to be part of a project like this. It’s a chance to help the growth and advancement of the sport,” said downhill champion, Gee Atherton.

World premiere of the film is scheduled for today, April 20, in Monterey, in Canada, where Sea Otter Bike Festival takes place. On May 24, “Strength in Numbers” will be available to everyone through free online premiere on redbull.com / bike and then will be released on DVD, BluRay and iTunes worldwide. A basic version of the film will be broadcast online for free this fall.

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