Advertise is a daily source of cool-findings and inspirational entertainment featuring original hand-picked content that reaches a growing global audience.
We feature articles that bring joy and pleasure in the life of our readers and fans. Designed to offer an immersive unique visual experience, Ecstasya is a land of the following realms:

- Arts (Catharsis)
- Inspirational Videos (Euphoria)
- Extreme Sports (Adrenalitic)
- Subcultures and Activism (Flamboyant)
- Fashion (Glamour)
- Coolest Trends (Happy Hip & Objects of Desire)
- Futurism (The Future)
- Travel and places (World Round)
- Music Video of the Day

We believe we inspire an audience of young, trend-setting internet users – the influencers of tomorrow.
Daily updated, generates 100.000+ monthly impressions (December 2011) and this number is rapidly increasing. Ecstasya has more than 1000 Facebook Fans (as of December 2011)

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