A visual chronicle of a SkateLongboarding Roadtrip around Spain

7 girl riders, 1 van, 15 days, Spain, 4.300km, 416 GB of raw material… culminating in one video, divided into four chapters. This is a video about seven girls who dared to chase their dream and started on the adventure of their lifetime (or at least their youth). This is the first chapter, in which Jacky, Valeria, Carlota, and Gador welcome three more girls in the team: Maitane from the Basque region, Marisa from Miami, and Amanda coming from Massachusetts.

Endless Roads 1 – Yellow Horizons

Juan Ryos and Sk8cinema are synonyms for the best longboarding photography out there. And this is the Longboarding Girls Crew:

Longboarding Girls Crew – Carving the Madrid Mountains

The Spanish Longboarding Girls Crew – Cruising in Madrid

In the “Endless Roads” movie, Juan Rayos follows the girls in their travel to Cabo de Gata Natural Area, Almeria, Spain. He portrays them, their lifestyle, and their passion for skateboarding, while enjoying the volcanic-origin landscapes under the Spanish August sun. Here’s also the trailer of the movie. Come back on Ecstasya for the next chapters.

Endless Roads – The Trailer

We are big fans of Juan Rayos and featured his “Frozen Wave” Longboard Slingshot Party earlier this year.

and their Facebook page.

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