Michael Garfield is one of the artists who contributed to Burning Man – both in 2010 and 2011. He is a live musician, cyber guitarist, performance painter, essayist and performing philosopher as well. His work doesn’t recognize the boundaries between science, spirituality, and art – finding his awe in a deepening appreciation of our

“embeddedness in a minded fractal cosmos, participating in a creative act beyond the scope of human ambitions.”

Rather than talking about the artist, we would let Michael Garfield himself share his art and thoughts with you:

Self As City, City As Self – Live painting from Whole Earth Festival 2010

The music is from Michael’s improvised instrumental guitar looping project.

In Michael Garfield’s own words:

“The narration is from the Burning Man’s Entheon Village 2010 lecture, “Self As City, City As Self” – “mind-jazz” borrowing from evolutionary theory, psychology, architecture, esoteric spirituality, and astrophysics to deconstruct the notions of “individual” and “collective,” revealing each of us to be a multitude and all of us participants in something greater.”

The Danger of Creativity

This live painting is from a Mile High Sound Movement show in Denver, CO. The narration examines the inherently destructive transformation of participating in the creative process.

Keep up with Michael’s work at http://michaelgarfield.blogspot.com

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