There is a new trend in time-lapse videos. We call it the Ants-Like filming style. We first featured it in “A Day in California” Post.

It involves taking thousands of pictures from huge distance and putting them together to form a continuous motion video. The pictures are partially blurred, as following the scene from such a distance suggest only the main subjects can be in focus.
Filmed in the beautiful island of Crete, the world appears to be filtered by binoculars. There are a lot of small miniature actors with no strings attached performing a quick show. It is an unreal, but beautiful show – reminding us of how delicate and fragile we are. The whole world seems to be a (fun park) simulator- people, animals and cars they all look like toy miniatures.

For those travelling to Crete, don’t miss the Blue Palace Arsenali Resort Lounge Bar.

Blue Palace Arsenali Resort Lounge Bar in Crete

HandPicked image from Reddit

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