These are a few awesome tricks that Anthony Rojas can do with his yo yo. The guy is extremely talented when it comes to yo yo skills and you’ll make sure when you check out this video.

Anthony Rojas has participated in many yo yo competitions, but he got major attention with hid recent victory at 44Clash competition in Tokyo. His jaw-dropping performance was by far the best and deserved all the plaudits. This video is not the one from that competition, but it certainly shows how extraordinary his skills are.

Well, since the motto of Ecstasya is to inspire you and keep you motivated through the day, I guess you’re ready to learn some tricks from our today’s hero. The following video is tutorial for a trick called Infinity, because the yo yo travels in the shape of Infinity symbol. It was made by Anthony Rojas and his yo yo friend Kalani Bergdorf.


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